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Oh baby, it's good to be back.

* naughty is my favorite word * fatties are hotties * today is not tomorrow * moist ponies would smell bad * Law & Order: SVU * painting coffee cups on rainy saturdays * What Not To Wear * finding food besides chicken for dinner * iiiiice cream! * kari's apple crisp * vanilla spice DD * working and seeing friends for the first time in a month * figuring out what exactly i'm going to major in/get licensure in * still being able to do study abroad at some point * St. James kids (Yesi, Lyndsy, Asia, Edgar, Andrew, Landon, Jamie, Jazmine, Tuesdae) * Daisies (Rebecca, Victoria, Jaidah, Edowey, Reyonta) * three.OH.two * B is for the bad girls room * blah, blah, blah, where's the fucking handle? *
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